Your own online teaching platform.

All-in-One teaching tool for video calling, chat communication, secure payments, global scheduling and more. Teach and organize seamlessly.

I have been teaching online for 10 years. I have seen it all. I have also seen many things I did not want to see. That is why I am so happy now because I can set my own rules, create my safe space and decide who I want to teach.

Chelsea Porter

Secure payments

Nobody can book your class without making a payment. We guarantee that you will get your payment directly and fast.

Global scheduling

Never again get lost in time zones. You open your availability for booking, we inform students in their corresponding time.

Chat & video tutoring

Students attend your lessons in Blabu using our user-friendly online room. Chat is always available.


Unique online profile

Create and share your personal profile, showcase your expertise and collect recommendations from students.

Tailored setup

Blabu enables you to adjust to every student. The content, length and price of your lessons is up to you!

You are in good company

Join over 150 professionals who use Blabu to build up their unique online presence. The ideas and feedback of these amazing teachers shaped Blabu from its very beginning and we keep on listening!

You will love these features

Blabu was created together with teachers. That is why we know where the shoe pinches. We are here for creative creatures searching for freedom, flexibility and simple solutions for themselves and their students.

Online business card

Your Blabu profile has a unique url that you can link to your website, social media or email signature. Easy to share with students anywhere you need.

Vouchers & trial calls

You can create trial lessons and issue vouchers to potential students. Self marketing is important; we will give you tips on how to attract students and tools for keeping them.

Individual pricing

Blabu enables you to set up individual pricing for every student. You can set a general offer of your services visible to everyone and also set individual pricing available only to selected students.

There are still many more features to discover. We love your interest, and therefore, we have created a special page with the complete list of features.

Technology built with teachers

High-tech solutions, guidance and freedom.

We have spent almost two years creating the perfect platform for tutors. We have worked closely with our community implementing improvements based on the needs and constant feedback of tutors. Coronavirus nearly ruined our dream but it also helped us realize that no platform is a perfect fit for every individual and that it is time to flip the concept around. Tutors do not need a platform to care for them, but rather a tool that makes it effortless to care for themselves and their students. This is how Blabu tool was born.

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