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The most flexible language education for companies. We help people in companies to better communicate in English. Meetings become more efficient and information transfer becomes faster.


Business English Bootcamp

14 lessons, 14 business English topics, discussion, useful phrases and techniques, materials, feedback

Provide your team with an intensive business English bootcamp with native English speakers, challenge them and see them advance more than with months of regular language school.


Why Blabu

Maximum focus on spoken English

The best way to learn to speak English is to practice speaking. Learning English only with textbooks is like watching documentaries about riding a bike but never actually getting on it and riding. Blabu focuses on conversations and real-life English in everyday and professional life.


After the sale of to the British Secret Escapes, we had to communicate closely with the British. Not only in top management but also in individual teams, people had to share their experience and information about their work in English. I appreciate having a native speaker available at any time to discuss a planned call or prepare me for a presentation.

Marie Havlíčková
ex-CEO, s.r.o.


Blabu uniqueness

Starting on 15 minutes

Everyone's got 15 minutes to spare. Calls can be prolonged up to 45 minutes.

Instant online access

Forget booking calls in advance. Just sign in, choose a tutor and call.

Pay as you go

No subscriptions and commitments. Flexible payments.

1 on 1 video calls

No other colleagues or distractions. Only you and your tutor.

Casual Meeting

Blabu Secret Sauce

Give every team member the flexibility and variability that they need

Be the master of your time 

Simply fill gaps between meetings, call during the lunch break, early in the morning, late in the evening or during weekends. Multiple 15 minute calls during the week instead of one-hour lesson make learning more efficient.

Choose a conversation topic

The portfolio of Blabu tutors is wide in terms of their home country, accent or professional focus. Test what suits you best, choose what you want to improve, or just practice before a big meeting or presentation.

Become a conversation wizard

The tutors teach how to use English in real-life situations, business meetings, small-talk, presentations, etc. The more you speak to, the more immune you become to various ways of talking, accents and expressions.


Blabu Mini Courses

Best combination of Blabu’s flexibility and your desired goal in English. Instant, agile and with quick results.

Casual Meeting

Business Meetings in English


Public Speaking in English


Small Talk in English

Startup Room

New Courses Every Month


Blabu makes it easier

Language education is a staple of corporate benefits, but choosing the right option and the right tutor to suit all employees with different needs is challenging. Blabu is the right flexible tool that will save you and your employees a lot of time.

Minimum of Administration

All you have to do is set up Blabu for Business and inform employees about its benefits. Then it is up to them when and how often they use online conversations with native English speakers.

Addressing Individual Needs

Evaluate and address individual needs of employees. For example, Business English focused on specific situations such as giving feedback, performance review, or how to lead business meetings.

Reporting & Flexible payments

See overview of employees and their progress and improvements. Have access to complete summary and be able to set limits for each employee or a certain time period. Pay only for the calls your employees really made.


Benefit Cafeteria Payments

Blabu has partnered with Sodexo, Edenred, Benefit Plus and Gallery Beta to ensure your employees can use their benefit points for their English lessons if needed.


Boost your team's English

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