Code of Conduct

as of 30 April 2019 is an on-demand marketplace for people around the world to have instant and online conversations in foreign languages with native speakers via video calls.

Through, native-speaking Tutors can talk to you in their free time and earn money as a pocket money. It’s a global project that takes advantage of different time zones and different price levels. So, you can practise speaking a language whenever you want, without any long-term commitment and at lower rates than your local language teacher might charge.

Our mission is to help people all over the world practise their language skills by having conversations in foreign languages with native speakers. We want to enable the Students to feel on a par with their Tutors during these conversations, so they feel comfortable learning and speaking the new language. We strongly believe that through speaking foreign languages, Students can truly connect with new people and, potentially, make friends around the world.

In order for the Tutors and Students to have the best experiences, we’ve laid down some ground rules.

Students and Tutors use Blabu voluntarily and should share the same values as we have:

  1. We respect different religions, education levels, cultures, sexual orientations, etc.

  2. We do not discriminate against genders and will not accept any insults made on the platform.

  3. We will not allow any sexual harassment or stalking on the platform. If this occurs, Blabu will take the utmost action to rectify the situation.

  4. Since Students are charged for the calls, they should pay as much attention as possible in order to maximise their learning.

  5. Tutors should follow the conversation topics requested by Students but have the right to change or end the conversation if they feel it is inappropriate.

  6. If a Student or Tutor doesn’t want to continue having conversations with each other going forward, they can click on “dislike” to avoid connecting in the future. Both Students and Tutors should report any negative or inappropriate experiences to Blabu.

  7. Neither Students nor Tutors should answer any questions or continue speaking on topics they feel are too personal or sensitive.

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