Who is Blabu?

Our mission is to enable teachers to start, manage and grow their teaching business online. We ran a language learning platform for over a year and perfected our technology together with our amazing tutors. We are now providing Blabu know-how to all professionals who want to build their own teaching Business-in-a-Box.


Blabu Founders


Petr Kováčik


Petr started as a developer 18 years ago and has worked in many positions in development of internet projects. He founded his first company 10 years ago and in 2017 he sold his last company Skrz.cz to British Secret Escapes. Petr has a master's degree in Management in IT from University of Economics in Prague. He studied German high school and took the German A-level, and also studied in Vancouver during university studies.

Tomáš Strejček


Tomáš is a Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in all positions in a software/product workflow. His experience includes working at iflix and Mall Group.
He loves to build challenging products composed of many technologies, learn new stuff and solve problems. His current passion is Nodejs, and he is also learning Go as a side project.
He would love to kill technical debt, refactor complex code and introduce clarity and clean code practices.

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