Blabu enables you to start, manage and grow your teaching business online. We want to see entrepreneurial teachers conquer the world from their kitchens or backpacks and take their teaching careers into their own hands.
Start building your Business-in-a-Box using these features.

Tailored pricing

You can set a general offer of your services visible to everyone and individual pricing only available to selected students.

Global scheduling

Blabu automatically converts time zones allowing you to plan in your time and showing your availability to students in their time.

Automated bookings

Students can easily book their lessons based on your calendar. Blabu collects payments at the moment of booking to reduce the number of cancellations.

Secure payments

Trust is a must when money is involved. Blabu provides a secured and verified payment interface in which booked lessons are paid directly to your account.

Unique profile

You can build your own quality space on Blabu. Your profile has a unique url that you can link to your website, social media or email signature.

Video calls

Thanks to close cooperation with teachers, we created a stable and reliable virtual classroom that offers perfect sound and picture, intuitive layout and instant chat function.


Built-in chat available before, during and after each lesson allows you to reach out to your students instantly, share assignments and send customized group messages.

Automated notifications

Blabu notifies students about your availability, sends booking confirmations and reminders and helps you keep students active.

Comprehensive reports

Blabu keeps track of important information about all students, their lessons, due payments and your earnings at one place.

Marketing tools

You can collect recommendations, create trial lessons and issue vouchers for students in Blabu. Tips & tricks on how to attract and keep students included.

Tempted to explore what you could achieve if you tried it on your own? We know it is scary, that is why we will be there every step of the way.

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