How it works

Taking the technological and administrative burden away from teachers is our main priority. No need to install anything, simply sign up and start creating your online classroom.

Sign up & Set up

Create your profile and define services. The length, price and content of your classes is up to you.

Invite students

Add the email addresses of your regulars or send invitations. Share your Blabu profile, link it up to your social media, blog or website.

Plan & Schedule

Enter availability, notify students and wait for reservations. Blabu converts time zones and collects payments at the moment of booking.

Chat & video calls

Teach in an easily accessible and reliable virtual room with an intuitive layout. Chat function is always available.

Receive payments

Receive fast payments from students via secured and verified payment interface. No more unpaid lessons and extra fees!

How to start?

You can start using Blabu for teaching in 5 minutes. Sign up, invite students  and start discovering all its functionalities. You have 30 days to test it out, teachers who are already using it will be your guides.

Sign up and create your profile

Create your own unique profile, add pictures and recommendations from students. List your teaching services, set up individual pricing and visibility.

Onboard with our ambassadors

We will guide you through Blabu and step-by-step describe all of the features and how to make the most out of them. On top of that you will receive the best first-hand tips from real teachers.

Set up your own online space

Share your profile in one link with the world. Connect it to your existing channels, attract more students and use marketing tools like a pro. Create vouchers, trials and a smart pricing strategy. We will guide you through it.

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