New way for tutors

to work with students

Reduce noise that keeps you away from teaching

Give superb tutoring experience to your students

Use tutor-specific features to grow your business

Offer students to pay you seamlessly without hefty fees

All-in-one-tool to enable focus on teaching

Blabu reduces administrative noise that keeps you away from teaching. Tutor doesn't need to be constantly juggling between video apps, calendars, documents, e-mails about bookings or payments.

Provide superb student experience. Stand out on the market

 Teach in stable and reliable classroom with perfect sound and picture. Elevate your student focus with intuitive layout, permanent chat, timer, personal notes and easy material sharing. No installations for you or the student.

Teach and grow your business online

Make it personal with individual pricing and tutoring plan for each of your students. Create trial and lesson packages to attract new students across your network and social media.  Set cancellation policies and smart reminders to keep your students active.

Offer your students to pay you seamlessly

Blabu wallet makes the payment process a breeze. Offer your students to pay by card. Stop worrying about unpaid lessons, bank transfer fees or missing invoices. 

Create space

Get Blabu account.

It's free!


Set up services for your students. 


Invite your students to their private classrooms

No credit card required.

No upgrades to premium to unlock the features.


We aspire to improve work environment for tutors.

We make living by charging small serving fee of 3.5% from paid lessons only.

We won't charge you if you didn't charge the student.

Go ahead and create your Blabu!

Get inspired by fellow teachers and their stories

 I am so happy now   because I can set my own   rules and decide who

 I want to teach. 

Chelsea has been teaching online for over ten years.

Being a seasoned teacher, she encountered many great and not so great things.

She was looking for a solution that supports her vision of teaching. 

Eva had to start teaching online because of the pandemic. At first, she was concerned about her regular students, especially those who were not tech-savvy.

She quickly saw that students were able to join her classroom easily and teaching picked up exactly were it had finished on last offline meeting.

 Today, I teach more   people than I could ever   imagine and Blabu helps   me to keep track of it all. 

 I finally found a tool   combining all the   functionalities that I need   for teaching online

Sophie enjoys communicating with students freely and teaching content that she can choose together with them.

She uses Blabu to achieve that.

What's your story? Discover new way

of working with students!

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