Boost your English in 15 minutes is a global 24/7 language app that puts you through to a native English speaker from anywhere in the world within 30 seconds so that you can start improving your English through live conversations immediately and whenever you have time for it.

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Blabu for Business

We help people in companies to better communicate in English. Meetings become more efficient and information transfer becomes faster.


Who is Blabu?

Our mission is to enable people from around the world to improve and refresh their language skills with casual conversation with native speakers. Find your tutor with just a few clicks and you’re set. Practice on your schedule and pay as you go.

Blabu Core Team

Petr Kováčik


Petr started as a developer 18 years ago and has worked in many positions in development of internet projects. He founded his first company 10 years ago and in 2017 he sold his last company to British Secret Escapes. Petr has a master's degree in Management in IT from University of Economics in Prague. He studied German high school and took the German A-level, and also studied in Vancouver during university studies.

Eva Peterková


Eva previously worked in business development at the Czech taxi app Liftago, she was responsible for launching the app in new markets. Her experience include working in consulting at Deloitte and at the European Commission in Brussels. At the age of 15, Eva co-founded the educational non-profit Together Czech Republic and led the organisation for 11 years. Eva graduated from the London School of Economics with a master’s degree.

Tomáš Strejček


Tomáš is a Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in all positions in a software/product workflow. His experience include working at iflix and Mall Group.
He loves to build challenging products composed of many technologies, learn new stuff and solve problems. His current passion is Nodejs, and he is also learning Go as a side project.
He would live to kill technical debt, refactor complex code and introduce clarity and clean code practices.

Startup Story

Born Out of Necessity

The idea for Blabu came in 2015 when Petr was looking for a native speaker to refresh his German. He found that using traditional language schools or private tutors were not convenient nor flexible options.

The second time the idea occurred to him was in 2017 while being CEO of He wanted his team leaders to improve their English as became part of Secret Escapes, an UK company. The same story - there wasn’t a flexible online tool to meet his requirements. In the end, Petr asked his Canadian friend Jodi to have online lessons with his team 3 to 4 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes. The lessons happened online, via video calls, and the team’s improvement after 2 months was incredible. Petr realised what a fast, easy and effective tool online conversations can be!

Technology & Architecture

We are building highly available and scalable platform written in Node.js and run in kubernetes in AWS and Google Cloud with the frontend written in React.js/Next.js. After the MVP, we will begin working on the mobile application in a form of a progressive web app. For client-server API, we use GraphQL and our platform uses microservice oriented architecture. Backend is built on top of PostgreSQL/Redis databases.

The most complicated and demanding technical piece is an integrated solution for  real-time video call streaming with recording ability integrated within the platform. For MVP, we will either choose to use a third-party solution or develop an internal solution, as it’s a key component of the Blabu platform.

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