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4 tips for social media beginners on how to reach new students

You do not need to be a professional influencer with thousands of followers to be successful on social media and find new students on different networks. The first step is to be present.

All you need to start is a personal account. For example, there are countless learning and tutoring communities on Facebook. What you can do is to find them and let students know that you cannot wait to welcome them in your Blabu classroom.

Before you start promoting your lessons to students, make sure that your profile and service offer is complete. Open future availability for bookings and activate your Blabu wallet so students anywhere can buy your lessons online by card directly from your Blabu profile.

1. Post your Blabu profile into English learning Facebook groups

This approach takes a bit more time but will bring you new students if you manage to find a community of interested learners. Try searching for groups whose name contains learning English, language exchange, study English in [city] and its variants in other languages such as aprender inglés, apprendre anglais etc.

Ask to join the group and make a short post about yourself and add your Blabu profile link. Example posting:

Hello, my name is Ella and I have been teaching online for 5 years. I specialize in tailored Business English lessons for adults. I model real-life situations in my lessons, prepare industry-specialized vocabulary lists and activities. I can help you write your application letter or role-play a job interview with you. Please, join my classroom: (insert profile link) for more information about my lessons and availability. I will be happy to answer your questions and create a specific plan for you in our try-out lesson.

It is definitely worth trying. If you are not sure whether you can post in the group, reach out to admins. You can also join communities of freelance tutors to share experience and get inspiration. Remember, posts containing photos or videos attract more attention than a plain text.

2. Create your profile video

Focus on improving your self presentation in your Blabu classroom. Any video where people hear you speak and get to know you is better than none and will help you attract more students. Do not overthink it, just start and see where the recording takes you. Read some tips on how to create a profile video.

3. Learn about online marketing

Both Google and Facebook offer free comprehensive courses on business advertising possibilities on their platforms. For example, you can learn about

Thanks to Blabu, you do not need to build up a complete website or a webshop to run your teaching business online and these basic courses will help you improve your self-marketing. You can also check how to start running Facebook ads on your Facebook business page.

4. Create a business page on social media

Having at least one professional social media account where you share your content and can run ads is recommendable but you should not see it as a chore. It should be an extra channel to communicate your teaching approach and interesting content to students that you enjoy creating.

It does not have to be perfect or super professional. Just set up a page and connect your Blabu profile link. The most effective way is to link your profile URL to FacebookCall to action” button and select Book Now.

Think about what you would like to tell your potential students and try to run your first ad, do not forget to put your Blabu link there as well, so students can enter directly to your Blabu classroom.

We hope these tips gave you ideas on how to start promoting your teaching business. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

Make 3 small self-promotion activities from the list above every day, e.g. improve your profile, make one posting in a group and watch one chapter of an online course. That is it.

Reach out to us if you have questions or ideas for Blabu features that would make your self-promotion easier!

Do something every day and you will start seeing results sooner than you think!

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