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Blabu is opening for professionals

We are transforming Blabu platform into a software tool helping all professionals who want to share their skills online. Teachers who had to switch to remote teaching from one day to another were our main inspiration. We realized that Blabu can be a great help. We now make it easier for them to plan their schedule, make reservations, receive payments, lead online classes and adapt to their students.

Every professional in the skill-sharing business can now profit from Blabu’s features. Teachers of all subjects, fitness trainers, consultants and therapists or artists can now share their know-how and make a living out of it with the help of Blabu. Are you one of them? Sing up here and try Blabu for free.

Our amazing tutors who you came to love are transitioning with us, each one of them in a brand new online classroom. We would love for you to continue learning with them. You can go on with Blabu conversation calls that you know or ask your tutors for tailored lessons. For example, you can focus on grammar lessons or wish for individual classes for your children which the tutor can set up exactly the way you want. As anyone on Blabu can share any skill now, you can even ask for cooking lessons with Sophie, programming with Danika, yoga with Eva, dance classes with Chelcie or sing in a class with Mark. Ask your tutors about it, they can create a lesson just for you with a few clicks!

How to book classes with your tutors

Because the relationship between students and teachers using Blabu is now direct, we had to make some changes in the payment methods and planning of the calls. You unfortunately cannot pay with benefit programs (Sodexo, Benefit plus) and Przelewy24 anymore on Blabu or top up credit for calls with all of our tutors at once. What you can do is to buy lessons from your favorite teachers directly with a payment card via Blabu. In the transition period, you can also use your current Blabu credit to buy calls from a selected tutor at the moment of booking.

You can check the schedule of each tutor easily from your Dashboard and book your calls. The instant calls are available, you just need to follow the schedule of your tutor. It is definitely better to book your call ahead of time, especially when even 15 minute reservations are available! You can also write your tutors via chat and plan next calls together. If you don't have anything to read this afternoon, you can check our updated terms of use here.

Change is good, even though everyone’s natural instinct is to avoid it. Take your time to discover Blabu’s new layout, think of a perfect class that you would love to do and make a wish! Reach out to your favorite tutors and see for yourself that they will be more than happy to make it happen for you.

Blabu support is fully available to you in case of any questions.

Thank you for being with us in the past two years, let’s start this new chapter together.

Yours Blabu

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