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Turn New Year’s resolutions into new students

January is a month of New Year's resolutions, and “Improve my English” is on the top of the list for many people. The feeling of the new beginning gives students courage to go back to English learning and motivates them to invest in their education. After the initial shock, many people also try to work on their skills while spending time in locked down areas to keep their minds occupied and prepare for the better times. All these factors make right now the best time of the year to search for new students. Do not miss out on this opportunity! But how can you reach those students?

Ask your currents students to recommend you

WOM (word of mouth) is a powerful way to get new students. Ask your current students to recommend you to their family, friends and colleagues at work. Send them your website or platform profile and ask them to share it with others. For example, on Blabu, you can create a nice profile with a list of lessons in 5 minutes and share your profile link anywhere you need. Your student’s recommendation might just land in an inbox of a person who is thinking of starting English lessons! Your regular students will be more than happy to help you.

Create New Year’s Resolutions themed lessons

The whole month of January people keep thinking about their resolutions. When they see them reflected in your offer, the chances are you will be their number one choice. What people usually struggle with is how to start and approach such a complex goal as improving language skills is. Do not forget to offer structure and support when promoting your lessons.

Here are some examples of how you can describe this special offer for students.

  • Some titles you can use for your lessons:

  • New Year’s Speaking Challenge,

  • Start speaking English in 2021,

  • Kick start your English in 2021...

  • Example description: Bring your English to the next level in 2021. I will prepare a simple topic for every call and help you stay motivated. I will give your English practice structure and make sure that 2021 is the year when you finally speak English comfortably. Use these turbulent times to work on your English so you are ready when the world opens up again.

If you can, offer a bundled service of at least 15 to 21 short lessons, so you help students to build a learning habit and use the resolution momentum at maximum. In January, people are willing to commit to higher amounts of lessons and invest in themselves. You can check how to quickly set up such a service in Blabu.

Make it conversational - offer students a short conversational lesson every day to work on their speaking. A little goes a long way and everyone enjoys accomplishing what they decided to do at the beginning of the year. Once you talk to the student a few times, you can suggest more advanced lessons focused on the areas that you see the student needs to work on.

Promote this offer to your past and potential students

Every tutor has a pool of past students who for one reason or another dropped out of the class. Send them a two-line email or a message in Blabu chat, check on how they are doing, and let them know that they can give English another chance in your special new course. You might be surprised by how many of them might come back thanks to this.

It is definitely recommendable to run ads promoting these lessons to students on social media or at least try to make short postings about it to Facebook English learning groups.

How are you going to work with New Year's resolutions in your tutoring business? If you are not sure, Blabu can help you with that! Learn more about its features and get early access, so you can start creating tailored services for your students in Blabu for free.

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