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as of 30 April 2019

This is Privacy Policy of BLABU CZ s.r.o., Id. No. 07899912, with its registered office at Roháčova 188/37, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic (Provider or we), as operator and administrator of the online platform (the Website) and provider of the other services as described in our Terms of Use available from the Website (Terms), in particular the service of intermediation of the Calls (as defined in Terms) between the Students (as defined in Terms) and Tutors (as defined in Terms) (Services).

Please read how we process your personal data if you are a Student or a Tutor or if you show an interest for our Services, for example by subscribing for our newsletter (you). This document provides important information about your rights.

Who will process your data

The Controller of your data is the Provider and the Tutor, who you want to make a Call with (the Provider and the Tutor further as Data Controller). You may reach each Data Controller at their registered address or at the email

Why Data Controllers process your data and what personal data is involved

We as the Provider are processing your data for the following purposes:

(1) To provide our Services: In order to fulfill our contractual obligations to you under the Terms. This includes an obligation to connect you as the Student with the Tutor; to connect you as the Tutor with the Student and receive a payment from a Student on your behalf; and to send notifications according to your settings. This is the fulfillment of the contract between you and us. For this purpose, we may use your data that you have provided to us or will provide in the future by registering for Blabu Account (as defined in Terms) or by otherwise registering for or using the Services.

(2) To exercise license you granted to us: You are granting us a license under the Terms to the Video-Recording Content. In order to exercise the license, we may process your personal data included in the Video-Recording Content. This is our legitimate interest.

(3) To send newsletters: If you have subscribed to a newsletter, we will occasionally send you a newsletter about our Services to fulfill your order. If you have registered on the Website and have not refused receiving newsletters about our Services, we may occasionally send you such a newsletter because it is our legitimate interest. You can reject newsletters anytime, as described below. If we explicitly ask you if you want to receive our newsletter and you do not confirm your interest, we take it as a refusal to process and we will not send you newsletters.

(4) To protect our rights. This is particularly in cases when the Provider refuses or cancels the registration. In any case, the Provider may keep your data that is necessary to claim its rights and to know that the Student or Tutor was registered or would have liked to have been registered. Also after you cancel your registration, we may need your information to claim or protect our rights. Such purpose is our legitimate interest and we may use your information that you have given us or you will be transmitting in the future during negotiations on use of the Website. Specifically the data can include your name, contact details and information about the registration process.

The Tutor processes your data to provide you with the Call. That is a fulfilment of a contract between you and the Tutor. For this purpose, the Tutor may use your data that you have provided to us or to the Tutor or will provide in the future, to the extent necessary for the Call and its processing. If you disclose any personal information to the Tutor during the Call the Tutor may process is as agreed between you and the Tutor from time to time.

How long will we process your data

Data according to subparagraph (1) - providing services - will be processed for the duration of your registration.

Data according to subparagraph (2) - exercising the license - will be processed for the duration of the license.

Data according to subparagraph (3) - sending newsletters - will be processed until you reject sending newsletters.

Data according to subparagraph (4) - protecting our rights - will be processed until the legitimate interest lasts.

To whom we may transfer your data

We may transmit your data to other processors who provide us with IT, marketing and other support services, always in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes. If we transmit your data outside of the EU, protection of the data will be ensured under standard contractual clauses or under the Privacy Shield arrangement as applied to USA.  Additional information may be obtained on the European Commission's websites.

Your rights

Legal rules on personal data protection guarantee you various rights in the area of personal data protection: To the extent guaranteed by legal rules on personal data protection - especially GDPR  – You may request access to your data from us (information about what your specific data we process and how do we work with them); you may request restriction of the processing your data (which means that we do not delete the data but we will not work with them); you may request data deletion and correction (always if the legal conditions are met); and you also have the right to object to the processing of data and you may exercise your right to data portability. To exercise any of these rights, contact us via above mentioned contact details - the easiest way is to send us an email to  and we would be glad to help you exercise your rights. If you believe that we are violating legal rules by processing your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the national supervising authority.

Objections against processing: If you do not agree with using your data to sending newsletters, you may refuse it. The easiest way is to use the link that is in each newsletter, or you can send us an objection by e-mail or letter and, if technically possible, even when you register. If you refuse such processing, we will stop sending you newsletters. You may also refuse other processing based on a legitimate interest and we will limit processing, unless we prove serious and qualified legitimate reasons for processing.  

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