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You can see constructive criticism from Blabu teachers in every feature update and praise that makes our days on this page. Because we care and they know it.


I want to build myself up as a professional and work on my online presence. With Blabu, I am completely free and can adjust to every student in both my teaching and lesson pricing. I love that I can create my own quality space.

Louise Ramage

I have been teaching online for 10 years. I have seen it all. I have also seen many things I did not want to see. That is why I am so happy now because I can set my own rules, create my safe space and decide who I want to teach.

Chelsea Porter

I sing in my classes. I am an artist who loves good jokes. I tune into my students' needs and give them opportunities to grow. They should be able to see all that in my online profile and Blabu made it possible for me. I am currently designing my own course which I cannot wait to run on Blabu.

Mark Antony

I had to start teaching online because of the covid 19 pandemic. Blabu enabled me to continue seeing all of my regular students, even those who are not good with IT. They joined easily with just one click and we picked up exactly where we had finished our last meeting.Today, I teach more people than I could ever imagine and Blabu helps me to keep track of it all.

Eva Kristek

Thanks to Blabu, I finally found a tool combining all the functionalities that I need for teaching online. I enjoy communicating with my students freely and teaching content that we chose together.

Sophie Zographos


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