Why Blabu

Freelance teachers have a lot to handle. On top of teaching, you need to be a little bit of a marketer, salesperson, your own executive secretary, taxi driver, accountant and IT specialist. Sadly, we cannot drive you anywhere, but we can surely help with the rest!


Blabu at a glance


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3 times less effort

With 1 student you have to exchange a few messages to schedule a lesson, note it down or put it in your calendar, teach on various tools, agree on a payment method and keep track of when/whether the money arrives. And that only if everything goes well, without constant rescheduling or cancellations. Sound familiar?


Less administration

Our easy to use planning tool enables automated bookings and scheduling with students. It includes reminder notifications, mobile-friendly chat and integrations with a calendar of your choice. It keeps an interactive overview of your program and earnings.

Smart simple technology

We have created a video-call classroom that even your grandma will love. No downloads or installation needed. Students join with one click, you can sign them up if needed. Our tech support is one message away, just in case.


You do not need to build a website to show your work. We give you your own personal space to offer classes, present yourself, collect recommendations, add video & pictures and bring students to get to know you.


5 examples of how Blabu helps

Not sure what to make of Blabu? Here are a few situations that you probably recognize.

Connect with students anywhere

Do you want to stop commuting for lessons, start searching for students internationally or keep in touch with regulars during lockdowns? Blabu makes that possible.You can teach your students on a desktop or mobile device, rely on our technology for chats and video calls and gradually build your own learning community.

Plan and schedule globally

How many times have you exchanged 7 emails to confirm the time of a lesson and ended up waiting in a call that no one joined? Time zones are tricky, add summer and winter time, different tools and what you get is a complete nightmare. Blabu deals with all of this for you. Enter your availability in your time, students will see it in theirs and book. Automated notifications remind everyone about the upcoming lessons.

Separate private life and work

How long did it take you to regret giving your private number, Skype or Facebook to a demanding student? Separating your private life from your work is essential for work-life balance and your security, especially when you work online. With Blabu, you get the perfect space for creating your own professional universe where you can share exactly what you want with whom you choose.

Experience creative freedom

If I could, I would… Do what? Give yourself a chance to explore what you feel passionate about and bring it into your classes. Ditch rigid platform policies, censorship and conformity. You know your students, you know what to teach and are willing to spend hours designing exercises that finally make grammar click. Stop creating them for others, make them light up your own classes!

Mash guidance with independence

The fear of independence is real. That is why Blabu gives you an infrastructure to work on together with support and community. We will not bring you students but teach you how to find them. We will not tell you what to do but show you how to do what you want. You have 30 days to try it out, our Blabu Buddies and tech support guys are one click away.

Do you know what people regret the most? The things they did not dare to do.

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